Thursday, February 16, 2012

Omega 3 and Protein Power Salad!!!

Also know as chickpea salad with feta and (optional) smoked salmon...

it's preeetty... <3
... this inspiration for this salad I picked up from work. The only real requirements (according to me) are chickpeas and feta... that's your "protein power" add salmon and avocado for Omega 3... or just avo if you're vegetarian... or omit both salmon and feta for a vega option (you'll need to play around with the "dressing" a little too... but it can be done!)

Here, we have a can of chickpeas, drained... 50 (ish) grams of feta half chopped, half crumbled, half an avocado and some olives, red capsicum and spring onion that I took to with a knife, somewhat haphazardly - but, hey! that's part of the fun... :)

This dressing is about 2 tsp of mayonnaise thinned down with lemon juice... and re-thickened with that crumbled feta...

A little mint stirred through and some salmon and basil on top and you've got yourself a gourmet little lunch right there!

A more "student friendly" version doesn't involve salmon... and change the dressing to olive oil, lemon and cumin (salt and pepper to taste)...

So this is maybe not a real recipe per se... but it sure does taste good! And is providing a corner stone in my current diet... YUM!

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