Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taste & Create: Bad Girl's Moosewood Brownies

So... I joined up for Taste & Create in November (for December) totally forgetting (don't ask me how I managed this one) that I was gonna be in India for the entire month. Yeah. I'm cool like that... BUT! And this is the fantastic bit - it turns out that over the Silly Season the girls at Taste & Create give you TWO months to check out your partner's blog - Yay them!!!

"What is Taste & Create?" you're asking... Well, it's the first ever blogging event that I've signed up to and basically what you do is register your name, blog and e-mail and the T&C ladies set you up with a blogging partner. Your mission then, is to read your partner's blog and chose a recipe that you then try out for yourself, blog about and review.

This month I was pared with Min of The Bad Girl's Kitchen who has a HUUUGE long blog full of really interesting looking recipes! But what really caught my eye was her post about Molly Katzen's Moosewood Fudge Brownies and as such, this is the recipe I've chose for my first even T&C event!

The Moosewood cook book is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook that everybody, EVERBODY should own. Says my mother. Who has two copies, I think. And will lend me neither!

Any how, this is how my brownies turned out:

Marbled "fudgy brownies" with Red Food Colouring for  Added ZING!
And this is the recipe I followed which is slightly modified from both Min and Moosewoods version (mine has less butter/sugar)...

Fruit Salad... Dressing?

Om, nom, nom... Summer (or an Indian winter) is the perfect time for fruit salads!! What's always bothered me, being a saucy, dressing lovin' kinda gal, is that "fruit salad" is a euphemism for "chopped up fruit in a bowl with no unifying flavour and there for may as well be served in separate pile on a plate" yeeeah... Not quite as catchy as "fruit salad" is it?

BUT! I do not moan for the sake of moaning - the solution is out there! In the form of "fruit salad dressing" - isn't that an original name?

This particular one: pineapple lime and ginger - was particularly appropriate in India where limes are plentiful! But I guess that lemons would work too...? And the pineapple juice provides suitable sweetness without the need for added sugar - which is always a plus!

So... after the jump comes a simple recipe for Pineapple, Lime and Ginger Fruit Salad DressingYou'll need: