Friday, February 24, 2012

Yummy Mince (Burger) Patties

These little mince patties don't have to be made into burgers... and have been well received even when served on their own!

The (unfortunately) over-exposed discs at the front are the patties I'm talkin' about!
I don't really have a recipe for these... but the basic idea is the same every time... a little bit spicy, a little bit aromatic and a whole lot yummy!

I first made this version while staying in India in 2010 so I guess you could call them Indian "influenced"? I think the mince used might have been lamb though... :)

My favourite spice (aromatic?) at the time was cumin (jeera) which is why I've included fresh ground, roasted and whole... the chilli is intended to be more of a subtle push than a kick and I added the onion, ginger and coriander for a bit of freshness and because that's what I had available.

These are all ingredients which I have always had readily available in any flat/home where I've lived and the photographs come from a flat-warming BBQ from early 2011 (I'm finally getting through my back-log of images!) so I'll call these student friendly...

The hand in the back is showing a big thumbs up, and a happy grin!
Delicious and easy - that's what a student likes!

You'll need:

500g minced lamb or beef
1 small onion, finely diced
1 chilli (quantity to mild taste), finely diced
1 cm fresh ginger, grated (about a tsp from a jar)
a small bunch of coriander, finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste...

3 tsp whole cumin

Oil, to cook.

Optional: a handful or so of breadcrumbs and an egg - to make the mince go further...)

Put the mince, onion, chilli, ginger, coriander, salt, pepper and one tsp of whole cumin into a bowl.

Roast the other 2 tsp of cumin over medium heat in a dry frying pan... add half the roasted cumin to the bowl straight away and grind the other half with a mortar and pestle before adding too.

Mix all the ingredients together with gentle hands and for into as many patties as you desire - placing them onto a baking paper lined cookie sheet (I like to have a separate square of baking paper for each patty).

Heat a frying pan - or the hot plate of a BBQ and pour in a little oil. Fry the patties as many as will fit at a time... Once the meat has browned all the way up the edge of the patty and a little on the top - flip over and cook the other side for another 30-60 seconds.

Serve warm as is, or as part of a burger.

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