Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Real World Wednesdays: Easy Cheesy Breakfast Pizza

So. I've decided to create my very own blog event/challenge for myself. I'm calling it "Real World Wednesdays" (RWW) wherein every Wednesday I will photograph and blog about (@ least) one meal!

The idea behind this is so that I can ensure that a reasonable portion of what eventually ends up here is actually student food! And, so that I actually post once a week or more... because a regularly updated blog is an interesting blog! In theory.

Tonight I'm planning on having Cottage Cheese Loaf so, unless I make the Swedish Cabbage Casserole I'm considering serving as a side - I won't have anything to post on my first ever RWW! And that would be very, very lame. LAME!!!

Yes, yes, I know that if I hadn't told you about my evil-genius plan until next week when I'm probs gonna be eating something I haven't posted before... you'd never know any different. But I would! And I have so many evil genius plans that it's very difficult to remember them all!


Now I'm just yelling because it's fun... And the high level of italics in this post was/is freaking me out... Yelling seemed like a good way to distract you (me) from it all...

Now I'm confused. Are you confused? Or is it just me...? Oh dear!


Right. So. Easy Cheesy Breakfast Pizza - I eat two eggs for breakfast. EVERYDAY. Except for when I'm at home. Because my Mummy says that two eggs for breakfast everyday is too many and if I want sufficient protein I can have muesli or peanut butter toast. "But Muuummmyyy" I moan "muesli and toast have tooo maaannnyyy caaarbs!" And then I feel bad for being a whingey daughter. But when I'm in my flat I have two eggs. After a while though two plain eggs for breakfast everyday can get a little boring even if they're sometimes cooked differently...

Enter: Easy Cheesy Breakfast Pizza:

Complete with BBQ Swirl!

(Yes, yes I know... BBQ sauce kinda defeats the "healthy" purpose... But it's yummy...

Recipe follows!!!

It's so simple that I'm not even gonna put a real ingredients list - just instructions. Besides you can really just change the "ingredients" according to what you have/like/want. The only real requirements are egg(s) and cheese!

First - set the oven to grill (broil) on high. Grate your desired quantity of cheese and heat up a frying pan with your favourite version of non-stick.

Into this pan throw roughly chopped onion or garlic - depending on what you have (good for the immune system, bad for the breath!)

While onion/garlic are softening beat two eggs in a cup with salt/pepper and a little water or milk, again depending on what you have.

Pour the beaten egg over the softened onion/garlic and fry until neeearly cooked through. Slide out of pan and onto a plate that with withstand the grill. Sprinkle copious quantities of cheese (or sensible quantities if you're lazy/trying to be "good") over the eggs and grill until melted.

Add a swirl of BBQ or tomato sauce... or some blobs of pesto - Whatever takes your fancy!!!

Now, enjoy your Easy, Cheesy Breakfast Pizza!!!

Enjoy your Real World Wednesday!

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