Monday, July 25, 2011

Student Staple: Mince Chowder

I've been watching Nigella this afternoon... And she's inspired me to make, what was last year a total staple, Mince Chowder with a "Mexican" twist...

Sorry, it's kinda blurry - but this photo is sooo much prettier than the other one!
Last year this dish would grace our table at least once a month - it's a real winner! This year though, I've been remiss... One of the greatest features of this dish is its versatility - usually I make it with a hint of the Mediterranean but tonight I've gone Mex-ish!

This one's actually quite pretty too... This is Joshee's dinner...

Read further for the recipe:

Parts of this recipe are necessary, others are up to you.

The original recipe from Alison Holst's Mince Cook Book is for 4 - but this version is mine for two...


250g mince
1 onion
1 (400g) can diced tomatoes

The empty tomato can refilled with water
Stock powder
2 cups of stock

Up to you:
The original calls for:
grated carrot
finely diced capsicum
diced celery

I like to add:
brussell sprouts

Whatever else is floating around my fridge - tonight it was left over lemony chicken from last night!



starch - handful of pasta bits


ground cumin

starch - kidney beans (or potato tonight)


ground cumin
ground coriander
fresh ginger

starch - chickpeas or lentils

All those spices are to taste - get creative!

Finally! Top with cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, or as I did: guacamole!


Fry up onion and fry-able veggies (garlic, carrots, 'shrooms, capsicum, celery etc...) with the mince.

Add in your spices (except cocoa - if using).

Pour over tomatoes and water/stock.

Add any long cooking veggies - and your chosen starch - if it needs cooked.

Bring to the bubble and cook until sufficiently reduced for you.

At the last second add brussells, cabbage, spinach, cocoa... whatever you've got!

Pour into bowls (over mashed potatoes for hungry boys...) and sprinkle over your chosen topping...


The other photo...

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