Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kat Style Oven Fries

I'll be the first to admit that my homemade oven fries need a little work... I can never make them just the way I want! But... other people seem to enjoy them and you can tweak the recipe until it works for you... Although when it does you simply MUST let me know!

I serve my fries with burgers, chicken-fried steak, beef steak, cheese and chilli, fish... They're super useful! :)
Until then... the recipe for Kat Style Oven Fries follows the jump...You'll need:

Enough potatoes to feed your clan... I usuall guesstimate 1 for me 2 for the other girl and 2.5-3 for each of the boys... But I find that a smaller number in my pan usually works out better...

Some oil... (Olive is my favourite)
Some salt... (apparently I never put enough on - my Flatmates are ALWAYS re-salting their chips!)
Some herbs, chilli, garlic... Whatever you'd like to flavour your chips!

Yeeeah... Specific ingredients, I know... It's kind of a guessing game until you work out what proportions work best for you!


Set oven to 200 degrees C - bake (make sure it's not grill, grill RUINS chips!) and put the oven tray you plan to use into the oven!

Pour a little salt and oil into the bowl you plan to use to toss your chips and swivel to coat the sides.

Wash your potatoes, or peel 'em if that's more your style... And cut them into fry sized strips - or thin wedges, or chunks... be creative... But I like my chips to be fry style (unlike the photo - I was experimenting that night...)

Wash the potatoes again to make certain you got all the dirt the first time around and also to wash off some of the starch.

Tip the washed potatoes into the oiled bowl and pour over a little extra oil, salt and whatever flavourings you are using. Toss well to coat the chips.

Pour the coated chips onto the HOT oven tray and bake for 20 minutes. At 20 minutes check and turn the chips before returning to the oven for another up 20 minutes - or until they are cooked to your liking/everything else is cooked/you get bored... You could grill 'em for the last 5 minutes for a little extra crunch, if you like...?

Serve with your meal of choice, or chuck back under the grill with a little sweet chilli sauce and grated cheese until the cheese melts for chilli-cheese fries.

I like mine with malt vinegar!

P.S. Back at the beginning of the year when I was a devoted, loving chef I used to coat the chips in a flour/chicken stock crumb... This was very successful until I decided speed was of the essence and wsa the only one who really had a preference... :)

Good luck!

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  1. Hi Kat, I made this for my Lil one today. We loved it :)