Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Else to Do With Maca-wrongs?! (Ambrosia)

Remember my original Maca-wrongs?

I have, since, made Maracons that have worked and were fabulous... But this post is not about them. This post is about how to disguise macarons that haven't worked.

I suspect I undercooked these, once again...

But! To no mind!

I mixed 'em with a little whipped cream, a little fruit yoghurt, some marshmallows and some berries and BOOM: Ambrosia!

My now go-to macaron recipe is referenced here. I'll tell you how I do it, sans tea, when I post my success photos! ;-)

To make my version of Ambrosia whip 250mls of cream with a little vanilla essence and fold through 500ml of flavoured yoghurt. Stir through whatever mix-ins you have - marshmallows, berries, bananas, chocolate chips, crunched up mara-wrongs - the possibilities are endless!

This is a great potluck dish!


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