Friday, August 8, 2014


Remember when these were a Thing?

Well, I joined in too!! Way back when...

Admittedly, mine are not as awesome as those done by Professionals, but I still think they're pretty darn cute!!

To make your own, homemade cuteness - froth some milk in whatever manner you can (pumping a French press, milk whisk, espresso machine) - I, and most baristas I worked with, find full-fat milk works best...

And make whatever form of black coffee makes you happiest.

Pour the coffee into your favourite mug/ cup reserving a little (preferably with crema, if you can manage it!) and pour in your frothed milk trying your best not to bring the crema up with the milk reserving some of the stiffer froth.

Use the stiffer froth to make little ears and the reserved coffee/crema to paint a little face on using a toothpick.

And then destroy your newly made kitten by drinking it. Because that's how Life works.

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