Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gado Gad-ish

Gado-Gado is an Indonesian dish which consists of veggies and a peanut sauce. Essentially. This is my interpretation...

So many colours!
 Okay, so basically I providing you with a "recipe" for my style satay sauce... and a serving suggestion. But! It's an excellent serving suggestion! And Gado-Gado sounds like a much more legitimate meal than peanut-butter scooped out of the jar an onto a carrot stick... and there's only a *little* bit more effort required!

Veggies? Check! Peanut sauce? Check! Extra protein kick? Check!!!
We have here stir fried pepper, carrot strips and bean sprouts on greens with a soft-set boiled egg. Probably 10 minutes effort start to finish (not counting dishes) and the peanut sauce! Oh! The peanut sauce!

Wanna see?

Kat's Peanut Sauce:

I'll level with you this isn't a recipe it's too simple! BUT there are two possible methods! Depending on what you have available...

All of the following is to taste!

So. Start with your peanut butter. Slightly more than you think you need. And a little bit more... go on! I won't judge you!

And enough hot water to make a paste/sauce as thick/runny as you want. I usually like to add water until I get a thick, dollloping sauce, then hive off a tablespoon or two to which I add LOTS of water to make a runny, coating everything in sight consistency... Yum! Multiple textures!

Now this sauce is pretty tasty as is. Hellooo? Peanut butter! But with a few more ingredients you can really take it to the next level!

Add either:

Ketchup manis and dried chilli flakes (or chilli powder) to taste.


Sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce to taste.

What you're aiming for is a little extra sweet, a little extra salt, a hint of rotten fish and some heat! Go ahead and add a little acid for good measure too - it's all about balancing flavours!

Spoon over/stir into your stir-fried veg and you're away!

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