Monday, September 26, 2011

Egg-Salad Sandwich

No picture with this one... But, I guess we all know what an egg-salad sandwich looks like...? Maybe if it looks prettier/I'm not taking it to Uni next time I make it - I upload a photo then...?

Anyhow, egg-salad is an easy way to add a little (or a lottle, depending on your definition) protein to your lunch.

Now, I know there are A LOT of opinions out there with regards to eggs anywhere from two a week is almost too many all the way up to two plus a day is the way to go! I'm more an as, and when they show up, I'm happy for an egg or two kinda gal!

Personally, I am a person who needs a lot of protein  in her diet otherwise I go a little bit nut-bar (er) and I get convinced that I'm starving! As such, for me, in an ideal world this would be an egg-salad lunch. No sandwich. Bread and I, well... we aren't close. Unless the the bread is homemade... then we're tighter than... a tight. thing... As for eggs...? They have a complete source of protein! I hear that the white is almost pure protein, but if it nutrition you're after then the yolks/whole eggs are the way to go... But, from there it depends on your stance on saturated fats... Ah! Nutrition... Such a personal thing!

Anyhow, the recipe, such as it is:

2 eggs - boiled. Put eggs into a small pot and cover with cold water. Bring eggs in water to the boil... once boiling allow 2 minutes before turning off the heat and leaving the eggs - in the same, hot water for 10 minutes. After those 10 minutes are up place under cold, running water until all the hot water is displaced. Leave for 5 minutes. Crack the shells, in whatever way suits you before returning to the cold water for another minute before removing the shells and dicing the cooked eggs.

Meanwhile macerate half a teeny-weeny red onion in red wine vinegar or lemon juice...

Once eggs and onion are prepared - tip off the vinegar from the onion and plonk in a bowl with the egg. Sprinkle over the scantest half teaspoon of curry powder ever, followed by a tablespoon of mayonnaise (garlic, for preference - otherwise plain mayo with salt/pepper to taste). Stir it all together and spoon onto a slice of bread... (in an ideal world, where I was still eating bread, this slice of bread would be thick and grainy... but because I live in the real world where the only reason bread is bought on a weekly basis is for my Boyfriend, the bread is thin, and white... Yum.) Top with a generous handful of salad leaves. And some slivered almonds or sunflower seeds - if you want crunch! Cap with a final piece of bread, slice, wrap and pack for Uni!

Today, I'm having  mine with an apple...

I hope y'all have a fantastic week... and I'm going to return to the grindstone...

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