Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm going on a Blogcation an idea/term borrowed from Erika over at The Teenage Taste...

I desperately need to focus my life right now on working hard at work, working smart on my studies and working out at the gym... So hopefully, in a month's time I'll return to the world of Study Food happier, healthier and less stressed...

My last post for the next wee while will be my Taste & Create submission for this month - but otherwise this is it!

If you're here because you want easy, student food - I recommend Katie the College Culinarian who not only regularly posts tasty looking meals, but she has a wicked sense of humour as well!

So, as Bilbo Baggins once said: "I am going. I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!" 

P.S. - I have no idea why this post is highlighted... apparently Blogspot thinks it's being funny...?