Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cottage Cheese Cupcakes

Oh, you poor, little, neglected blog... I've been... Well. To be perfectly honest, I've been procrastinating. I've been procrastinating life!

The kind of procrastination where even room tidying and blog writing isn't sufficient. The kind of procrastination where you huddle in a small ball on your bed crying and rocking and hoping, hoping that if you rock hard enough the rest of the world will just... Go. Away.

It's nearly the end of my University Term - can you tell?

I've not been taking many photo's lately - not because I haven't been cooking. I have. It's just me and the Gorgeous Boy now. But I've been making the kind of food most suitable for a blog called "study food" - the kind where you look in the fridge and think "Wow. That's one HUGE cabbage. Why did I buy that again?! (Oh yeah, it was reeeal cheap...) What on Earth am I going to do with it now?!" and so you dig out your Digby Law vegetable cook book and cook up Norweigan Cabbage until all that cabbage is gone. And you never want to see another cabbage again. Real food. Student food. Food that just does NOT photograph well.

You see, when you start writing a blog you think to yourself that you're totally gonna blog daily about all your cooking experiences both the good, and the bad... But it doesn't really work out that way. First off, because usually your (my) failures are so depressing that that last thing you (I) want to do with them is photograph them. And secondly, because whether you mean to or not, you become a food snob, and you don't want to put just anything on your blog - you wanna put nice things out there - people might read it!

That said, I have quite a few old photo's just chillin' here on my harddrive waiting for me to upload 'em and 'em with y'all! And I made a Beef Wellington in the break, and I just made the most divine Malteser Slice which will most definately be photographed and posted! (Provided, you know, I don't eat it all first... and I wonder why my weight's not going anywhere?!)

But to start off with, a real, valid student favourite - one that's already featured on this very blog. Cottage Cheese Loaf. But this is Cottage Cheese Loaf as it's never been before...

I present to you, drumroll please...

Dun, dun, duuun...
 The COTTAGE CHEESE CUPCAKE!!! withreducedtomatofrostingandtoastedcuminseedsprinklesforalimitedtimeonly...

These. Are. Awesome! Hello?! Cupcakes!

Read on for the recipe...

You will need:
1 x Cottage Cheese Loaf made as per linked instructions.

1 (400g) tin of crushed/chopped tomatoes
a little olive oil
some balsamic vingar
a tsp or so of sugar

cumin seeds - toasted

Set oven to bake, 180...

So - instead of baking your loaf in a loaf or cake pan... pour it into 12 (6-8 would probably be better...) cupcake liners (my little brother gave me these awesome, silicone ones for my Birthday last year...) and bake until they're cooked through. 15-20 minutes. I think. Less than the loaf took...

While they're in the oven - heat a sauce pan with the tomatoes, oil, vinegar and sugar in it... Bubble these until reeeally thick and about half the volume. Watch for splatters. Those tomatoes get EVERYWHERE! This should take arrround the same length of time as the cupcakes take.

Once the cup cakes are out of the oven, pour the frosting over them and sprinkle with the toasted cumin seeds (pine nuts would be nice too - but so not cheap...) and serve your adoring flatmates the CUTEST cottage cheese loaf they will EVER eat!



  1. Your insight on "I'm going to post everyday" is hilarious! (And so true!) I love seeing other college students who cook. Your blog rules!