Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something Fishy This Way Comes

Right. So. I do my shopping online. I do this because we don't have a flat car (and I can't drive anyways) and carrying a week's worth of food for five people ANYWHERE is totally beyond me! Usually this works out fine. Sometimes though, it doesn't. The latest adventure in Kat's Shopping Online Saga involves fish. Lots and LOTS of fish. I ordered 500g... They show up with 1.5kg. WTH am I supposed to do with 1.5kg of fish?! So... I phone the most knowledgeable person on Earth (that I know) my Mother. (aka "Mummy") She says I can freeze it. Yay! But that it'll go dry... Bother. Oh well! That's a something for Future Kat to worry about... For now though, I'll scrap my  plans for "Home-Burgers" (homemade hamburgers) and make Kat-Style Fish Burgers and Chips instead!

(Yes, I know... You totally can't see it... But there IS a piece of fish in there! I was hungry... This is the only photo I took...)

Right, so the recipe for Kat-Style Fish Burgers is fairly similar to that of my previous post for Fish Pitas... Only with bigger bits of fish... Onwards and Upwards!

Recipe after the jump...

You Will Need:

Fish fillets of your choice... Cut into burger sized chunks (usually half for me)

One egg, beaten or a little water

1 cup wholemeal flour
2 tsp oregano or dried herbs of your choice
1 tsp dried chilli
rock salt/pepper to taste (I use rock or sea salt because it has a higher mineral content that uber processed table salt)


burger buns to feed your clan

Cheese, mayo, tomato, salad, chilli sauce, tomato sauce etc etc to fill your burger.

Chips... These are optional - I make my own! :)


Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat

Prepare your space. First with the fish washed an cut into the size you're using. Then your beaten egg or water on a plate. Follow with the flour and seasonings in a second plate. Then the pan.

Dip the cut fish in your egg/water, then coat both sides with flour/seasonings.

Fry until cooked.

Pile the fish on a plate and serve with toasted burger buns and fillings of your choice. I let people stack their own burgers 'cause everyone have different tastes! :)

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