Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Bit About Me...

^^ This is me! :)

So, no food this time per se... But a little bit about me, and my plans for this here blog...

First off...

Kat + food = LOVE!

That said, I'm more interested in preparing and presenting food than I am in eating it...

However, the following are my favourite flavours:

  1. Lemon
  2. Chocolate
  3. Vanilla
  1. Lemon
  2. Basil
  3. Nutmeg

Yeah... Lemon is one of my favourites! And I've discovered that Nutmeg has the power to make many of my savoury dishes better... One day I'll post a recipe for Cottage Cheese Loaf, and you'll see what I mean!

Now, I am as I mentioned in my opening post, a student. As such I am poor. This leads to a) the foods I make fitting into a weekly budget and b) my kitchen isn't exactly well equipped. For example, I have neither a sieve, nor a food processor, nor round cake tins (let alone spring form!) I don't even have a proper cake rack (I use an up-turned draining rack instead...)!! As such, the food I post is real food, created by a real student for other real students! None of this fancy triple tested, restaurant style kitchen bull-crack... :)

I study Psychology, and I'm interested in how food affects the brain... As such I'm gonna create a couple of "lab reports" showcasing certain recipes and food types to assess how they affect my mood, energy levels etc... I'll present these in APA format, just like a real lab report, to keep me sharp during the holidays. But not right now. Because I should be studying. For my PSYC exams... =/

So, if anyone ever actually reads this... Feel free to ask questions, request recipes to be studied etc... We'll see how I go. Also... if you happen to be reading this. You should totally comment and let me know how I'm doing... Otherwise I feel kinda like I'm talking to myself...


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