Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupcake EsCUPades

So, no recipes today... But an example of experimentation... As we all know, cup cakes are awesome! (Except when enterprising persons unknow turn them into Cup Cake Cakes) Recently I've been trying to create new and exciting Cup Cake flavours...

Left: Afghan Cup Cakes, Top Right: ChocoCaramel, Bottom Right: Lemon, Honey, Nutmeg.
I have yet to create a perfect result, which is why I'm not posting a recipe today, but I think it's important to document the process!

The cake part of both the ChocoCaramel and L, H, N cupcakes turned out well. As always, I've dramatically decreased the sugar (not that you'd notice...) and slightly decreased the butter. However, with cupcakes, when you decrease the butter you've gotta increase the milk by a tablespoon or two so as not to let the mixture get too dry. The icing on both these cup cakes, though was a FAIL. Well, not so much in the case of the ChocoCaramels - it tasted good and looks Okaaay... But I personally perfer my cupcakes with buttercream, and because this icing is prepared hot that fluffy texture just isn't possible. Also, those puppies were sweet! The L, H, N cupcakes, on the other hand, tasted Okay, but looked DISGUSTING - in an effort to get an extreme lemon hit in I overdid the juice and the icing separated! Not too sweet was a plus though!

The most recent, Afghan cupcakes, were me trying to improve on the famous cookies (heresay, I know...). However, as I feared the cornflakes, without the dryness of cookie batter went a little soggy. I think that the answer to this one would be to put the walnuts IN the cupcake and the cornflakes ON the cup cakes to retain that all-important CRUNCH, as you can see from the photo (and I'm rather proud of that one...) we didn't have any walnuts, so I'm already testing out the cornflake on top theory!

And that's it for today, my lovelies... Has anyone else experimented with cupcake and wanting to share? You should invite yourself over and we can have a cupcake party!


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  1. When Rachael still lived here we had a little cupcake thing to make them for some fundraising event. We made gluten free ones and vegan ones. Neither of them turned out very well but that was my experimenting. My favourite thing about cupcakes is decorating them and I have an electric icing pen which blows my mind. I would totally be keen for a cupcake party :) You're so creative!

    P.S. Do you have any healthy blueberry muffin recipes?